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Globalization and the profound economic changes of the last two decades have led African states and companies to rethink their strategy in order to meet the challenge of global performance. In order to materialize their development projects, African structures will have to face the requirements of financial markets, donors, etc…

However, it is at this level that some economic stakeholders of the old continent are struggling to convince, due to a lack of alignment with the standards of banking and financial partners.

Anything that thwarts the realization of their projects and their development ambitions.

The assistance of an “expert ally” is therefore necessary in such an ecosystem, to guarantee your success through disruptive and innovative financing mechanisms, technical and financial structuring of projects or market opportunities.

Specialized in financial engineering and consulting, Mentley& Partners SA supports you on strategic, operational and financial issues by offering relevant solutions with real added value to increase your competitiveness.

Strongly convinced of Africa’s leading role as a popular destination for foreign investment, we aim to make a lasting impact on economies by remaining a socially responsible player.

With Mentley&Partners, reach your goals!

Do you have innovative projects and are you looking for funding?