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Seydou OUATTARA : Nouveau DGA du groupe Gnanzouky Participations

The Gnanzouky Participations SA group, created in 2011 and bringing together 14 subsidiaries operating in various fields of activity, has appointed a new Deputy Managing Director.

Seydou Julien OUATTARA was appointed to this position on June 12, 2023. This appointment stems from the new strategic orientations defined by the group’s management during its 2023 budget session. The group is indeed committed to developing its subsidiaries by supporting them in their search for new market opportunities.

Seydou OUATTARA is not new to Gnanzouky Participations. He joined the group in September 2012 as Chief Financial Officer. He gradually rose through the ranks, occupying the position of Administrative and Financial Director from July 2016 to January 2019. Since February 2019, he has joined Mentley et Partners, a subsidiary of the Gnanzouky Participations Group, as general administrator.

His exemplary career, his dedication to work and his in-depth knowledge of the group’s environment undoubtedly played in his favor to take up the position of CEO of the group.

The main tasks of the new DGA will be to support the board of directors and the general management of the group in the definition of strategic axes and their implementation. In addition, he will have to manage and coordinate all of the group’s activities, particularly at the operational and financial level, in order to achieve the strategic objectives set. He will also have to ensure the motivation and development of the teams responsible for achieving these objectives, and work, among other things, to strengthen the group’s position both nationally and internationally.

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